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WEC fighter payroll

The fighter pay for this past Sunday’s WEC card is now available.

Here’s the breakdown:

Title Match & Main Event Fighters –

-Urijah Faber: $20,000 (defeated Chance Farrar)

-Chance Farrar: $4,000 (lost to Urijah Faber)

Main Card Fighters –

-Alex Karalexis: $10,000 (defeated Josh Smith)

-Rani Yahya: $10,000 (defeated Mark Hominick)

-Brian Stann: $8,000 (defeated Craig Zellner)

-Mark Hominick: $6,000 (lost to Rani Yahya)

-Craig Zellner: $2,000 (lost to Brian Stann)

-Josh Smith: $1,000 (lost to Alex Karalexis)

Preliminary Match Fighters –

-John Alessio: $18,000 (defeated Alex Serdyukov)

-Brock Larson: $16,000 (defeated Kevin Knabjian)

-Cub Swanson: $8,000 (defeated Micah Miller)

-Alex Serdyukov: $6,000 (lost to John Alessio)

-Jeff Bedard: $6,000 (defeated Mike French)

-Charlie Valencia: $6,000 (lost to Brian Bowles)

-Brian Bowles: $4,000 (defeated Charlie Valencia)

-Micah Miller: $4,000 (lost to Cub Swanson)

-Mike French: $3,000 (lost to Jeff Bedard)

-Kevin Knabjian: $2,000 (lost to Brock Larson)

Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $134,000

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