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UFC Fight Night 10 thoughts

This post contains spoilers, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading.

I really enjoyed last night’s broadcast. All the fights were really good. Here are my thoughts in bullet point format:

  • The Drew McFedries vs. Jordan Radev fight should have been stopped as soon as Radev hit the ground. McFedries never should have been able to land those shots on the ground. To be frank, the match shouldn’t have even been made. As I said before the fight, McFedries had a tremendous reach advantage. At 5’7”, Radev shouldn’t be fighting middleweight in the UFC. McFedries looked great though and I’ve been touting him for awhile now. Oh yeah, another example of my argument of how post-fight interviews suck. Joe Rogan does a great job during the fights, but why couldn’t he have asked McFedries a followup about the obstacles he alluded to? I was a little bit curious after he offered that up. Giving McFedries a chance to elaborate on that statement could have helped build him up more. I was also disappointed that there was no coverage of Radev’s condition. The UFC and Spike need to cover their events like any other major sport would. If a football player gets laid out and is stretchered off, do ESPN, CBS, and NBC ignore the story?
  • Roan Carneiro gave Jon Fitch a nice challenge in an exciting fight with good ground action. I really thought Fitch was going to have to tap at one point. A lot of guys would have (I know I would have) but he really showed heart. Fitch didn’t completely dominate last night but I think that’s a testament to Carneiro. It’s time the UFC starts putting Fitch on PPVs.
  • Jason Black vs. Thiago Tavares was a solid fight. I think Rogan was right that Jason Black cut too much. He really should be fighting welterweight. The problem is that there are too many welterweights who not only fight in the UFC, but who also train at MFS in Iowa. Black might be a good fit for the WEC. As for Tavares, he’s another example of the UFC’s recent efforts to bring more talented Brazilian fighters into the fold. Wow, the UFC lightweight division suddenly appears even deeper.
  • As far as Chad Reiner vs. Anthony Johnson… wow! Johnson takes the fight on next to no notice and drops Reiner with ease. You really can’t evaluate a guy based on so little fight time, but I liked what little I saw of Johnson. I don’t know if it’s Joe Silva or someone else, but the UFC is doing a bang up job of scouting guys from smaller shows.
  • The main event delivered in a big way. Sam Stout’s chin is unreal. Fisher was really tuning him up in the third round and Stout refused to go down. And Spencer Fisher’s combination punching is a thing of beauty to watch. He might be the best technical boxer in the UFC. It was nice of him to say the fight was a draw but c’mon, it wasn’t that close Spencer. It was until the third round, but he blew it wide open. I’m glad he won because he’s a favorite of mine and if he lost that bout, it’s uncertain if he would have been retained. As I’ve said before, the UFC lightweight division is already deep and will get deep at the conclusion of TUF 5 because you know guys like Joe Lauzon, Manny Gamburyan, Gray Maynard, Nate Diaz, Matt Wiman, and Corey Hill will all be kept around even if they don’t win the contract.

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