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Thoughts on UFC 72 (spoilers)

I thought UFC 72 was a solid show, coming off a great show this past Tuesday night at UFC Fight Night 10. The first two matches were clearly the best, and made the PPV worth the price.

In regard to the opener, Ed Herman vs. Scott Smith, how come the UFC rejected as a sponsor yet gave the thumbs up to Ed Herman for his “” sponsorship? I was waiting for him to thank them for being his sponsor during his post-fight interview. It never happened.

As for the match itself, both fighters are aggressive. Like Joe Rogan said, I can’t think of a Scott Smith match that has been boring. His W/L record in the UFC might not be great but they should keep him around. As for Herman, he’s looked a lot better his last two fights but he still looks like a second-tier middleweight.

Clay Guida vs. Tyson Griffin may have been better than Frankie Edgar vs. Tyson Griffin. We got to see a little bit of everything. The transitions were great, as were some of the near submissions. In my opinion, Guida should have gotten the decision. Despite the loss, he has nothing to be ashamed of… well, except for his entrance music, which might be the worse in UFC history. It was just a little too… happy? In reality, Griffin has lost two fights in a row but it’s hard to discount the guy because he’s looked so good in each loss. Against Edgar and Guida, he faced game opponents who really stepped up. I think I’m really starting to favor the lighter weight fighters and the faster pace in which they fight at.

Rory Singer vs. Jason MacDonald was fine for what it was. Singer looked good the first round before losing the fight in the second.

When Forrest Griffin publicly questioned his own chin last week, I thought he’d fight more tentative against Hector Ramirez. However, Forrest didn’t fight tentative, he fought smart. Great foot work. I also liked the fact that he only entered Ramirez’s range if he was going to throw a combination. If he knew he wasn’t going to throw something, he disengaged completely. Forrest moved well and he made it hard for Ramirez to track him down because of all the legs kicks he delivered. I think Forrest played it a little too safe in the third round, as Ramirez was clearly tired and I thought Griffin could have finished the fight during the couple of times he had Ramirez against the cage.

The reaction Griffin got was unreal. He was clearly the biggest star on the show in the eyes of the Belfast audience. A fight between Michael Bisping and Griffin in either England or Ireland has money written all over it.

They really need to stop telling fighters before their fights that if they win, they’ll get a title shot. It seems like every time a fighter hears that from the UFC he fights in safe mode. Franklin didn’t push the action much and making things worse was that Okami didn’t push the action at all until the third. The third round saved the match, but I was still a little disappointed. BTW, why didn’t they show a replay of Okami nearly tapping out Franklin with the Kimura? Or, did I blink and miss it?

A few other notes…

Mike Goldberg said during the broadcast that Rich Franklin would get a rematch for the UFC middleweight title if Anderson Silva successfully defends the title at UFC 73. They mentioned the news again, and I’m assuming that Franklin still gets the next shot even if Nathan Marquardt wins.

It was also announced that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will fight Dan Henderson at UFC 75 in London, England on September 8.

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