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Report: Ken Shamrock vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 75

Loretta Hunt from The Fight Network is reporting that the UFC will officially announce that UFC 75 will be taking place in London on September 8 during a press conference today.

Hunt reports that two matches will be announced to the media. One will be a title unification match between UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson and Pride middleweight (205 lbs.) champ Dan Henderson.

The other match could feature the return of Ken Shamrock.

Yes, that Ken Shamrock.

His opponent?

How about TUF 3 light heavyweight tournament winner Michael Bisping.

The report acknowledges the fact that Bisping was originally scheduled to face Matt Hamill, and that even Ticketmaster was promoting the match. However, it would appear the temptation to allow a rising star like Bisping possibly add a win over a UFC legend to his resume is too good to ignore.

It had been reported several weeks ago that Ken Shamrock and his management had submitted a proposal to the UFC outlining a possible return, with a specific opponent in mind. It’s unknown if that opponent was Bisping.

Shamrock even went on TAGG Radio last week and informed the hosts that he was not retired (an announcement he had made following his last loss to Tito Ortiz).

I have mixed emotions about the potential announcement. I was a huge fan of the Shamrocks back in the day but both of them have sort of hurt their reputations during the course of the past few years. Ken’s showing on TUF 3 was disappointing and he really looked like a guy who held on too long after his two losses last year to Tito Ortiz.

Shamrock vs. Bisping could actually be a decent match even though Ken looked bad against Tito. Tito was a bad matchup for him because of his ground and pound style. It’s doubtful that Bisping will look to take the fight to the ground so a bout between Bisping vs. Shamrock won’t be as lopsided as Ortiz vs. Shamrock. However, in the end, I just don’t know if Ken’s style really works with today’s standard. It’s just kind of sad that instead of being treated like a legend, he’s become a guy who is brought in to lose to help boost the credibility of younger fighters. It’s another page straight out of pro wrestling.

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