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Report: CSAC taking another look at Baroni’s medical

The web site is reporting that the California State Athletic Commission is reviewing Phil Baroni’s license for this Friday’s main event against Frank Shamrock.

According to the site, the UFC faxed a previous MRI undergone by Baroni to CSAC executive director Armando Garcia. The report also says that Baroni had passed all of his medicals but that after receiving the fax it was decided by CSAC to re-evaluate the license. Apparently the MRI in question dates back to a problem Baroni had after his fight against Pete Sell at UFC 51 in 2005.

I was able to contact Garcia at his office. He said that as far as he knew, Baroni was still on the card and that his medicals were being processed.

I also tried to contact Phil Baroni for comment but my attempt was unsuccessful.

From my perspective, the idea of the UFC sending a FAX to CSAC is a little hard to believe since Baroni is a friend of UFC president Dana White. I’m not saying is wrong, only that I’m not 100 percent sold on their reporting right now.

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