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Overeem to fight for K-1 Hero’s

There was a lot of speculation recently that former Pride light heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem was close to signing with the UFC but Overeem competed in Amsterdam for K-1 over the weekend.

The card primarily featured kickboxing matches but there were several MMA rules bouts, and Overeem was a part of one of them. It looks like his appearance for K-1 was not a one time thing as the inside word is that he’s signed a long-term deal.

Overeem is a talented fighter but failed to beat the top competition in Pride on a consistent basis. Noted for his lack of conditioning, he never reached his full potential in Japan and had become somewhat of a glorified gatekeeper. Honestly, I don’t think he would have played any other kind of role in the UFC and essentially would have been the light heavyweight version of Heath Herring. As such, I don’t see not signing Overeem as a loss.

For full results of K-1’s card in Holland (which also features Peter Aerts, Semmy Schlit, and Bob Sapp), just go to:

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