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Henderson vs. Jackson could be non-title

After previously saying a bout scheduled for UFC 75 on September 8 in London between UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson and Pride middleweight champion Dan Henderson would be title vs. title, UFC president Dana White has softened his stance and indicated during a conference call last week to promote UFC 73 that it could be a non-title bout.

According to Carlos Arias of the Orange County Register, White said the following when asked if the bout would be a title unification match:

“No. What we’re doing with that thing is we’re respecting both (the UFC and PRIDE) titles. The UFC title is the UFC champion and we’re respecting Dan as the PRIDE champion. Quinton will walk out with his belt if Dan wins and vice versa.”

So if the titles won’t be unified then I guess the Henderson vs. Jackson match can be considered a title bout? I wonder if that means it will only be three rounds instead of five. MMA is not regulated in the UK so if the UFC wants the match to be five round then they wouldn’t need to get special permission.

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