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Phil Baroni fails steroids test

The California State Athletic Commission announced Tuesday afternoon that Phil Baroni has tested positive for steroids. According to the commission, traces of Boldenone and Stanozolol Metabolites both showed up in his system. Baroni has been fined $2,500 and will be suspended a year, pending appeal.

Baroni’s manager, Ken Pavia, indicated to that he and his client intend to challenge the test results.

“While we respect the process and intent of the test we are disappointed with the results as they are completely unexpected,” Pavia said during an exclusive interview with the web site.

Through Pavia, Baroni has asked that people withhold judgment for the time being. However, if the test results are accurate than this is very disappointing. It’s bad for MMA and bad for Baroni. He did an amazing job in promoting his bout with Frank Shamrock and showed a lot of heart during the bout. Despite the loss he had put himself in a position for a decent contract offer because there are so many promotions popping up right now. But he’ll be on the sidelines for a year if CSAC rules against his appeal.

I’m really sick of steroids in sports and don’t understand why so many athletes assume the risk because it’s not worth it. And please, don’t send me any comments or e-mails telling me that the media misrepresents the dangers of steroid use. Yes, I saw the story on HBO Real Sports several months back. However, steroids and HGH affect people in different ways. Some people can use the stuff and keep their s— together while others become a total mess physically and mentally. Furthermore, steroids are illegal unless prescribed by a doctor!

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