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Rua could make UFC debut vs. Machida

John Patton of the Gainesville Sun wrote an article on Saturday about the UFC. Patton goes over the growth of MMA, the history of the UFC, a the usual territory you see covered by the mainstream press. However, the article gets very interesting when he starts discussing the acquisition of Pride and gets quotes from Dana White. According to the article, White is claiming that Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is likely to debut against Ryoto Machida.

White said Rua’s most likely first opponent will be Ryoto Machida (10-0), though Griffin said he would like the fight.

By Griffin, the writer is referring to Forrest Griffin. If I was the UFC, I’d be pushing to have Rua face Griffin because Machida is a very dangerous opponent. Rua will definitely be the favorite in that match but I think there’s a higher probability for upset against Machida than Griffin.

Also, it looks like the planned “Super Bowl of MMA” will now closer resemble the Bowl championship series:

White now says that instead of just having one huge show, his plan is to spread out debuts on multiple cards.

There’s also another clue as to just how valid the fighter contracts were in Pride:

White said contracts of Pride fighters have had to be rewritten and he is hoping to sign most of the big names.

To read the article in its entirety, just click here.

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