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A special shout out

I know I’ll get slammed for this by some of you out there but this is a blog and after all, it’s my blog…

I just wanted to publicly wish my wife luck as she’ll be competing in the WKA North American Kickboxing Championship tomorrow. She’s been training very hard for this tournament the past few months and I know she’s going to do well. I think she’s probably a bit nervous but she was a bit nervous when she entered a Kung Fu tournament last year after only a few months training, and she won that one against more experienced fighters. She’s doing Muay Thai now, which is no joke, but she trains at one of the best schools in the Northeast with great training partners and the best trainers.

So if you’re reading this and will be attending the WKAs in Virginia this weekend make sure you cheer when you hear the name Andria Caplan called!

I also wanted to wish all the other fighters from Cool Hearts Muay Thai and MFS Philly good luck as well. Kick some ass!

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