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Report: Leben backs out of match with Swick has gotten exclusive word from Mike Swick that Chris Leben has refused to sign for a match against him that would have made the two the main event of Ultimate Fight Night 11 on September 19.

According to Junkie, here’s what Swick said:

“He backed out. He didn’t take it. It kind of sucks with how tough he talks about fighting anyone, anywhere. He kept saying we could rematch anytime.”

What’s Leben doing? Anything short of injury is going to make the UFC very unhappy with Leben’s decision. He’s not really in a position to be choosy when it comes to who the UFC would like him to face.

One of his biggest selling points was his willingness to fight just about anybody. This is going to hurt his stock. I have to wonder though if this might be an injury situation of some sort, though.

If Leben doesn’t want the match then they should book Terry Martin vs. Swick. I think that would be a pretty good matchup. Just to clarify, I don’t have any info on that. Martin vs. Swick is just pure conjecture on my part.

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