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White confirms Liddell vs. Jardine for UFC 76

A lot of the readers of this blog have been highly critical of a story first reported by that Chuck Liddell will be fighting Keith Jardine in the main event of UFC 76 in Anaheim, Calif. on September 22.

Well, Kevin Iole has confirmed the fight during his latest MMA column on Yahoo! Sports.

I thought I’d post a quote from Dana White with the sole purpose in mind of provoking you guys:

White bristled at the notion Liddell-Jardine is not a headline-caliber match. “It is definitely a main event, in my opinion,” he said. “Jardine beat a lot of good guys, and he absolutely deserves to be fighting Chuck. He wouldn’t if Chuck still had the title, but I don’t think he needs to win a lot of fights just to get a fight with Chuck.”

Personally, I think it is a headline caliber match. Is it a “Super Bowl of MMA match?” No. Is it one of the UFC’s strongest main events? No. But I think Liddell vs. Jardine could offer some big-time fireworks.

Despite my maligned love for this bout, I will concede the point that Jardine is definitely Chuck’s lowest-profile opponent since Vernon White. Hopefully some of you will be willing to admit though that Jardine vs. Liddell is a match in which Chuck is not a lock to win.

Iole’s article also talks about UFC 75 being televised on Spike. However, despite getting quotes from White there’s no mention of Wanderlei Silva’s response to reports that he turned down a fight with Liddell.

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