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Coleman wants another shot in the UFC

Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman is interested in a possible second tour of duty in the UFC.

In an interview with, Coleman expresses his desire to continue fighting and to also do so for the UFC:

With an 4-4 record in his past eight bouts, including two losses to Fedor, Coleman hasn’t maintained the influence of the early days of his career, but he hasn’t hung up the gloves yet. In fact, he still has two fights left on his current Pride contract and with the buyout of that organization by Zuffa, it sounds as if Coleman sees a possible return to his old stomping grounds in the near future.

“I’ve always wanted to get back in that cage and I always knew I’d get back in there at least one more time. That’s were I got started. I like the cage and I like the UFC rules better anyways,” said Coleman, obviously in reference to the brutal forearms and elbows he was so famous for. “I can be more effective in the cage than I was in the ring.”

At 42, I just don’t see the UFC having much interest in Coleman. No one can deny his place in MMA history, but look at how the UFC dealt with Ken Shamrock’s request to make another comeback.

I know he still wants to fight, but Coleman would be a great fit as a coach for the IFL if they had interest in adding an Ohio franchise.

There’s also this little nugget of info that I found particularly funny:

Interestingly, Coleman is also the subject of a new movie that is readying for production. Entitled “The Smashing Machine,” the same as the movie about his friend Mark Kerr, it sounds as if Jean-Claude Van Damme could be portraying the former UFC and Pride champion… an “interesting” choice that Coleman even seems to find odd.

What’s next, Steven Seagal as Chuck Liddell?

In order to find out how you can access the entire Coleman interview on, just click here.

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