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IFL secures more financing

I first noticed the below link this morning on

To all the IFL haters out there predicting the demise of the league, it looks like you’ll be wrong for at least another year. The IFL has raised another $12.7 million in financing, which should be enough to get them through the 2008 season.

This is good news for MMA. IFL commissioner and co-owner Kurt Otto has said that MMA needs the IFL to succeed and I agree. The more MMA, the better. The more options that the fans and fighters have, the better. And as a writer/blogger, the more I have to write about, the better.

The $12.7 million probably will only be enough for 2008 but the league is building momentum and if the new TV format continues to be strong, things could break big for them in 2009 and they might be able to start bringing in some strong revenue through TV, sponsorships, and live gates.

Additionally, a year from now the franchises might actually be worth a decent amount of money to private investors with cash to burn that are looking to get involved with MMA. If I was a Mark Cuban-type who made my money elsewhere and was looking to get involved with sports ownership as a hobby, I might be interested in an IFL team.

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