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Random Rants: Bubba’s Hatley loses Muay Thai debut; Hong Man’s appeal upheld

There have been a lot of searches linking people to today with people using Brent Hatley as the search phrase.

Brent is the producer of the Bubba the Love Sponge Show on Sirius Satellite Radio. I’m a huge fan of all the Howard Stern channels and of the Stern show, the Ferrall show, and Bubba’s show. Whenever I’m working, their shows are usually what I’m listening to.

While I’ve never met Brent, I am a huge fan of his and I find that I surprisingly have a lot in common with the guy. Yes, I’ve never met the guy but I listen every day and after awhile you start to feel like you know the people a little bit.

Hatley, a former Marine, trains at the Gracie franchise in Tampa, Florida under the guidance of Rob Kahn. He trains both Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu and has lost a ton of weight since he began training. After only several months of training, Hatley made his amateur Muay Thai debut this past Saturday.

According to the show, Brent lost his match via TKO at 0:39 second of round one. It’s ashame he lost his first match because he talked about training just about every day on the show. As someone who has also done amateur MMA and Muay Thai and lost his debut, I know how much the feeling sucks. Hopefully Brent sticks with it and gets back in the ring ASAP. Losing a fight can leave a crappy taste in your mouth for a long time and sometimes the only way to get over it is by fighting as soon as possible.

Because of the nature of the show, I’m sure he’s taking a lot of crap from people. However, give the man credit for having the stones to step in and take a fight.

In another MMA-related story, I’m sure by now you’ve all heard about the news pertaining to Phil Baroni, Sean Sherk, and Hermes Franca and their dealings with the California State Athletic Commission this morning.

Well, Hong Man-Choi also had a hearing today as well.

Hong Man, who won in a kickboxing rules match this weekend in Japan, was denied a medical license because of a tumor near his pituitary gland that causes him to continue to grow. He was supposed to have fought Brock Lesnar at Dynamite USA!! on June 2 but couldn’t fight without a license. Antonio Silva was also scrapped from the card for the same reason but has since undergone surgery to have the tumor removed.

For some reason, Hong Man doesn’t want the surgery. He should just have it and then put the tumor up on eBay. He’d make millions.

His case was today and according to the California State Athletic Commission, his denial of a medical license was upheld.  Until he has the tumor is removed he’s not going to get licensed in California and it will be difficult for him to get licensed anywhere else in a regulated state in the U.S.

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