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Sherdog has released its first-ever official set of rankings in its history!

You can check them out by clicking here.

Obviously, it’s a long time coming. I’ve been wondering for years now why they didn’t publish rankings considering the amount of attention gets for them. You would think every major site would do it? Heck, I’ve been thinking about publishing my own here for quite some time now (I already submit a list to FIGHT! and then a pound-for-pound top 10 to Yahoo!).

I like Sherdog’s rankings. The criteria is to create a system that ranks the fighters on a basis of accomplishment as opposed to skill. I guess you could say their number one fighters are so much the best pure fighters but more or less who would deserve to be the true champion of the world in their respective weight class based on record, quality of wins, titles held, in-fight performance, etc. They also have rankings for eight different weight classes (heavyweight to flyweight).

Still no women’s MMA rankings. I may have to do that myself when I start publishing my rankings here.

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