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Dana White says Andrei Arlovski has fallen a notch or two

Steve Sievert has a new post on his Brawl Sports blog on the Houston Chronicle web site with a quote from Dana White indicating that Andrei Arlovski’s sluggish showing against Fabrcio Werdum at UFC 72 has set him back in spite of walking away with a victory:

UFC President Dana White says Arlovski’s last fight (a snoozer in which he was tentative in two of three rounds in beating Fabricio Werdum) dropped him a notch or two in the division’s pecking order.

“His last showing wasn’t very great. That hurts a guy. It sets you back when you have a real bad showing like that, especially when you’re in a division that’s stacked.”

In general, it’s just kind of strange that with all these cards coming up for the UFC that Arlovski still doesn’t have a match scheduled.

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