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St. Pierre claims personal issues hurt him against Serra

Neil Davidson of the Canadian Press has a good article on Georges St. Pierre that features a lot of quotes from GSP. Apparently, GSP was dealing with some personal issues leading up to his unsuccessful welterweight title defense against Matt Serra at UFC:

“I had a lot of personal issues,” St. Pierre told The Canadian Press. “A lot of stuff was going wrong.”

There was illness in the family. But St. Pierre also says he lost his way.

“I forgot who I was, what was my No. 1 priority,” he said.

“I didn’t realize how lucky I was, to have this opportunity to be world champion,” he added. “Once I lost, I realized all that stuff and it made me regret a lot of things.”

I’m not as big of a fan of GSP as I used to be but still consider myself a fan. However, I don’t know how long I will be able to place myself in that category. If he in fact had personal problems leading up to that fight, I’m sorry to hear that and I sincerely hope everything is better.

However, I can’t help but refer to the interview he did right after his loss with sports station FAN 590 in Toronto in which he said he shouldn’t have fought Serra because he was injured. Was he referring to an emotional or physical injury? If it was a physical injury, I have an issue with him changing his story after the fact.

In general I have an issue with the comments because he came across two-faced in the 950 interview. Leading up to the fight we heard a lot about how the two respected each other only to see GSP turn around after the fight and try to steal Serra’s thunder.

He’s changed his management. He’s changed his camp. And now he might be changing stories. It just feels as this guy is making nothing but excuses and is pointing the finger in any direction he can. Why can’t he just man up and say, “Serra beat me straight up. I’ve learned a lot from the loss and will do everything I can to get the title back.”

GSP has the talent of a champion but hasn’t been carrying himself like one. I’d like to see less talk and more action.

You can read the full article from Davidson by clicking here.

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