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Brock Lesnar to be at UFC 74 this weekend

I didn’t listen to radio last night but Brock Lesnar was a guest on the show last night, according to pro wrestling web site, and said the following:

Former WWE and IWGP champion Brock Lesnar appeared briefly on the radio show for MMA website tonight. Lesnar noted that he would be in attendance at this Saturday’s UFC PPV and has been training full-time for 18 months, currently training with Sean Sherk and Brock Larson He said that he wants to fight “someone with credentials and doesn’t mean Tim Sylvia”. He then said he’d like to face Randy Couture.

That’s interesting that Lesnar will be in Vegas this weekend. I think that’s a very calculated business move on his part. There are some rumblings that TNA has had talks with Lesnar. In addition to being a free agent pro wrestler, Lesnar is also a free agent fighter. Being at UFC 74 will be a great way to get everyone talking. My personal hope is that the UFC makes it a point to talk with him.

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