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My interview with Michael Bisping is now available at Bisping was a great interview and was cracking me up during the conversation. He was real candid about a lot of issues, including a rumored move to middleweight:

Q: There were some Internet rumors that you were considering a move to middleweight. Was there any truth to that?

MB: Yeah, it’s a possibility. I’m not confirming or denying that I’m going to drop down to middleweight, but it’s a possibility. I am a small 205er and I have breakfast the day of the weigh-in. We’ll see what happens. I’m undefeated at light heavyweight at the moment so if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Maybe if I get my head smashed in (laughs) I might change my tune and move down to middleweight — no, I’m only joking. We’ll see. Anything is possible in the future. I’ve got to sit down with my team and decide what’s best for me but it’s a possibility.

Bisping also believes he could do fairly well against Anderson Silva:

Q: Is a move to middleweight something you’ve considered on your own or is it a potential move the UFC has presented to you?

MB: Oh no, the UFC wants me to be happy wherever I am. It’s not like there’s been some big discussion of it or anything. I’ve just got to look at my options. I like the challenge though and I’d probably like to stay at light heavyweight. I feel like I can go to middleweight and I feel like I can take on the champion tomorrow. But I like the challenge of fighting the bigger guys so we’ll see.

You can read the interview by clicking here. Also be sure to check out my editor, Denny Burkholder’s preview of UFC 74 by clicking here.

I know a lot of people want to see Bisping face top-shelf competition but I don’t think he’s ready for it just yet and by going against guys like Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddell, or Shogun that it would be counterproductive to his development. He’ll get to that point soon, but he just needs some time.

I wanted to thank everyone who submitted question ideas. I tried to work in every question in one form or another.

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