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Randon Rant: Lighten up on Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar’s recent comments in an interview that has been available at has caused a bit of a stir as of late. In case you haven’t seen some of his comments, here’s an excerpt that has gotten people particularly riled:

Asked if he has talked to UFC President Dana White about his interest in competing in the Octagon, Lesnar answered, “We’ve spoken. I cannot deny or confirm anything. I’m just telling you this, I’m going to be there Saturday night and I’m looking for a win. I don’t care who it is. If I had to fight somebody, I’d like to fight Randy [Couture]. I’ll fight [Gabriel] Gonzaga. We’ll see what happens.”

He added, “I hope Randy wins that fight. I hope Randy wins that fight and then I can fight him in December.”

“I’m going to be attending the UFC this weekend, and I’m going to go down and watch and see in person, because I’ve watched these guys fight on TV. I’m going to go down there and see for myself and watch these heavyweights that I know I can beat,” Lesnar told MMAWeekly.

Apparently people are a little upset that Lesnar called out Randy Couture and believes that he can beat him. So what’s the big deal!?

Have people forgotten that Lesnar used to be involved with pro wrestling and has mastered the art of self-promotion? Have people forgotten that he’s a free agent right now in search of a big money deal?

Lesnar clearly wants to get his name in play so that he can start a bidding war for his services. He wants to be seen and heard. Going to UFC 74 is a great move because all the media types like me will be watching his every move like a stalker and reporting on it.

Calling out Couture is an ever better move.

Brock can be a humble guy. Don’t believe me? Check out his comments in the last edition of FIGHT! where he does a brief interview. Calling out Couture is nothing personal, it’s just business.

What do you think grabs more headlines? If Lesnar says he wants to sign a six fight deal, go through a slow progression on his way towards a heavyweight title shot, and that he’d like to debut against Cheick Kongo? Or, if he calls out the champion and says he wants to fight him right away?

You can read more of Lesnar’s interview by clicking here.

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