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Vera comments on management situation & Sanchez talks split from Jackson’s camp

Sorry for the lack of updates but things have been hectic. I was a guest co-host with Steve Cofield on his show here in Vegas on Fox Sports Radio 1460 on Friday.

Brandon Vera and Diego Sanchez both stopped by our booth where we were doing our remote.

Both Brandon and Diego were very candid when speaking with Steve and I. I will try and get some of that audio for you guys.

I asked Brandon about his arbitration hearing with CSAC and he said it still has not taking place, so I guess he’s not completely legally severed from ex-manager Mark Dion as of yet.

Brandon said that the hearing is now scheduled for Sept. 17 but that CSAC ruled in the interim that Dion basically shouldn’t be able to hold Vera back.

Vera said a big reason in the delays in the hearing has to do with the CSAC claiming to be understaffed right now.

Sanchez was open about his positive marijuana test and admitted that he was partying too much. I also asked him about leaving Greg Jackson’s camp and he set the record straight.

He said he has no ill will towards the guys training with Greg Jackson and considers a lot of them brothers. He wanted to be careful in his words in showing all of them proper respect.

He said there are various reasons for his departure but he cited Jackson’s involvement with Georges St. Pierre as a primary reason. Diego felt Jackson was giving a lot of individual attention to GSP and sometimes at Diego’s expense.

I also got the impression that Diego felt slighted. The two of them are top 170 lbs. fighters in the UFC and it’s inevitable they’ll fight each other one day. Diego felt that Jackson maybe shouldn’t be hitching his wagon to two top contenders in the division. It’s a very valid point.

I paraphrased a lot of comments here and will get the audio so you have exact quotes later.

Special thanks to Jaime for hanging with “Mr. Sunshine” and I yesterday. I think he’s the first reader of the blog I’ve ever met in person.

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