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Kevin Iole comments on Babalu choke

I’m not the only writer out there calling for the UFC to remove Babalu from its roster, as Kevin Iole from Yahoo! Sports also believes that he deserves a much more harsher penalty than a potential fine of $25,000.

Iole believes that Babalu’s transgression could in fact cost him his job:

Well, now it’s time for Babaloser to learn a lesson. And this lesson, quite likely, is going to cost him his job as well as a pile of money.

It sounds like he might know something because he spoke with Dana White, who didn’t want to comment on what he has in mind as far as a punishment:

White was very ill Monday but worked up enough of his fiery temper to summon a few choice words for Babaloser.

He declined to discuss what actions he would take because he said it’s his policy not to discuss such matters publicly, but he clearly condemned Babaloser’s actions.

You can access Iole’s article by clicking here

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