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Dana White calls Fedor’s people “crazy”; calls Josh Barnett a “a punk”; calls the PRIDE deal the worst in history; and much more in new interview!

My new interview with Dana White has been posted to

It’s now available by clicking here.

Dana was very gracious with his time and I was able to ask him about a lot of stuff. He didn’t hold back with his answers.

Here’s an example of his candidness when I asked him about the PRIDE deal:

Q: When Pride was acquired, what was Zuffa’s understanding of how contracts were structured in Pride and whether they could be transferred? It seemed like some fighters were willing to sign their contract over while some fighters weren’t.

DW: It was one of a million nightmares. One of a million nightmares. The worst business deal ever done in the history of business. Crazy. It was totally bankrupt. They were out of money (and) had nothing. We wanted the company so we went in and bought it. It didn’t matter how f—– it was, how crazy the deal was — we got what we wanted.

Dana also confirmed to me that Georges St. Pierre will face the winner of the Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes welterweight title match:

Q: Will GSP’s next match be for the welterweight title, and might the match take place in Canada?

DW: Yes and yes. He’ll fight the winner of Hughes/Serra. And yeah, we’re trying to do a fight up in Canada, so that one would make a lot of sense.

The interview is five pages long so there’s plenty of good stuff in it. Again, you can check it out by clicking here.

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