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Houston Alexander comments on his number of fights, life after Jardine, his ground game, and much more! recently hosted an interview with UFC light heavyweight fighter Houston Alexander. The team at Junkie was gracious enough to allow me to sit in and ask Houston some questions.

One thing I was able to Houston about was his claim in his first interview with Junkie that he has over 100 fights on his record…

Sam Caplan: You mentioned in your last interview with UFCjunkie (see: “ Exclusive: An Interview with UFC 71’s Houston Alexander”) that you’d fought way more times beyond your official record. Can you describe some of those matches — just sort of give people a background?

Houston Alexander: I know a lot of people were saying “this guy is full of crap.” But a lot of those fights took place in Sioux City, Iowa. A lot of those fights took place in Des Moines. A lot of those fights took place in Omaha. That was three cities I was going back and forth. I was fighting every single week. I fought every single week, every single weekend. Sometimes as many as five guys in a single night. But a lot of those fights were under a minute. So I did those kinds of fights. I’d just fight every single weekend in those three cities plus a few other cities. I just fought in the smaller shows every weekend.

Sam Caplan: Were they underground fights?

Houston Alexander: No, they were organized fights. They just weren’t sanctioned or registered to where you guys could know that I was actually doing them.

To read the entire interview conducted by Eric “Performify” Foster and I, just click here.

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