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UFC 75: Dana White working on Hamill vs. Bisping rematch

I was going to write a long article about all the crazy talk pertaining to the controversial decision between Matt Hamill vs. Michael Bisping at UFC 75 but Kevin Iole has an article available on Yahoo! Sports that pretty much says everything I have to say.

If you want to know what I think, just read Iole’s article by clicking here.

I scored it 29-28 for Hamill with Hamill winning rounds 1 and 2. I’m a Bisping fan and even I know who won that fight. It wasn’t corruption, it was just incompetence.

The issues I have are this:

1. The UFC regulated their own event and decided to bring in their own judges. They had no choice because there is no regulation. So they decided to bring in their own judges and I’m assuming they decide to fly in the top guys. Do they really consider Cecil Peoples a top judge? If so, can someone from the UFC please contact me privately and enlighten me because I think he’s… well, not so good.

2. Is there any accountability system when it comes to judging? Look, people have off nights and make mistakes and judging is subjective in nature so there’s always going to be controversy. But what if a judge continually gets it wrong? Do the commissions evaluate judges and critique them?

3. Why is there no regulation of MMA in the UK? It’s not like England is some third world country. You’ve got the UFC running shows regularly now and Cage Rage is also a big deal. There are also some smaller promotions. When is the UK going to get on the ball and institute some kind of regulatory board? The UFC would prefer not to have to regulate their own events.

Also, I know Bisping didn’t show a lot of grace after his fight but I understand where he’s coming from.

Hamill ran his mouth a lot and made the unusual claim that Bisping isn’t the rightful TUF 3 winner because he had been injured. Trying to detract from Bisping’s accomplishment isn’t cool so I think we should cut the guy a little slack for being emotional after the fight.

Regardless, it looks like we might see a rematch to settle this once and for all according to a quote by Dana White in Iole’s article:

White said the rematch is “a no-brainer and I’m going to be on it right away.”

Hold the phone though, because a rematch might not happen if Bisping drops down to middleweight. According to, Bisping is ready to make the move ASAP: has now learned that Bisping is likely to go down to middleweight after this fight.

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