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New matches set for UFC 76 and UFC 78 and the return of David Terrell is on the ball with some new UFC match announcements.

First, UFC 76 will be a full nine-match card after all. Fresh off his IFO win earlier this month, Rich Clementi is back in the UFC and back in action against Anthony Johnson. The two will face off on the UFC 76 undercard on Sept. 22 in Anaheim, Calif.

That’s a pretty damn good last-minute addition match.

It also looks like another match has been added for UFC 78. While not official, it has appeared in the rumors section and that rumors section is pretty damn good. According to the site, David Terrell will finally return to the UFC and will be taking on Ed Herman.

Hey, it’s no main event but it’s pretty damn interesting.

I’m really looking forward to UFC 78 on Nov. 17 in Newark because it’s not all that far from Philly (where I live) and having the UFC back in the Northeast has been a long time coming. The card itself isn’t all that bad, either.

Here’s what we could be looking at:

– Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans (hasn’t been officially announced but a recent newspaper report indicated it’s going down)

– B.J. Penn vs. TBA (my money is on Joe Stevenson for the title)

– Karo Parisyan vs. TBA (could be Hayato Sakurai, could be Hector Lombard, could be someone else)

– Spencer Fisher vs. Frankie Edgar (Dana should give them the match of the night bonus right now)

– David Terrell vs. Ed Herman (rumored)

– Joe Lauzon vs. Jason Reinhardt (according to Reinhardt)

Tito, B.J. and Karo all on the same card offers a lot of star power to the Philly, New York, and Jersey fanbase. This part of the country loves recognizable stars. If you’re not a known quantity, you might not get much attention. If I go to a concert in Philly everyone marks out for the headliners. But the opening band could be the greatest in the world but if the people don’t know their name, the crowd seems pretty bored.

Hey, what does a guy have to do to get a Big Nog vs. Andrei Arlovski match added to this card?

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