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New Nick Diaz interview now available at

I conducted an interview with EliteXC fighter Nick Diaz several days ago. I think it’s one of the best interviews I’ve ever done and it’s now available by clicking here.

Nick Diaz

I know Nick recently did a radio interview with the Beatdown crew at and a lot of people who have heard said he rambled on a lot. I haven’t heard it so I can’t make any sort of judgment. All I can say is that Nick was pretty concise in the interview that I conducted with him. He held nothing back and addressed everything I threw at him in a no holds barred fashion.

Nick gave a lot of answers that I know will be considered controversial and I plan on writing an article on the back story behind the interview and my thoughts on some of the things he said.

In the meantime, here are some of the more notable exchanges from the Q&A. In this one question I asked Nick to comment on some accusations that had been floated out there that he got high right before his fight:

Q: The assertion by the Nevada State Athletic Commission was that your THC levels were so high that you were numb to the pain you experienced during your fight against Gomi. And while NSAC didn’t make accusations publicly, there were some rumblings that people felt you had actually gotten high right before the fight. Was there any truth to that?

ND: How would I have done that!? I’m sure they want to push that as much as they can and they wanted to that at my hearing, too. My hearing was pretty ridiculous. I didn’t know whether they were going to go easy on me or what? I just knew that they had all the control so I didn’t go in there trying to argue anything. I just went in there to say “Hey, sorry and please give me a lighter sentence because I’ve got bills to pay and a family to take care of and support. This isn’t easy out here. I train harder than everybody else and I’m not out drinking like everybody else. It’s obvious to you guys sitting at this table that you can see the rest of these fighters out there and what they’re doing. You’ve got some of them testing positive for steroids and a lot of them go out and get drunk and hammered and doing a bunch of coke and then popping Vicodins.”

Diaz also believes he’s tested positive for marijuana before:

ND: …But I wasn’t really worried about it, because I give them dirty piss tests all the time in the UFC and every show I’ve ever fought in. So I don’t see what the problem is. They weren’t testing for it before. All of a sudden when they wanted to suspend me, they suspended me.

Q: So you’re saying you’ve tested positive for marijuana before?

ND: That’s the thing, nobody tested for it. There was no testing for it (marijuana). Nobody gave a s— if there was. So I’ve given about nine tests in my life and only one of them came up positive but for every one (of the tests) I had been smoking weed. And at least in the same month, so they had to have come up (positive).

I really think this is an intriguing interview that you’ll all enjoy and I recommend you check it out by clicking here.

I also encourage everyone to leave their feedback here and let me know what they think about how the interview went and your thoughts on Diaz’s comments.

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