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Tito Ortiz indicates he’s going to re-sign with the UFC

Wow, that was easy.

Usually when Tito Ortiz is up for a contract re-negotiation it’s a drama-fueled saga. To be honest, I’m kind of bummed at Tito’s recent comments in an interview with in which he states he’s going to re-signing with the UFC:

“I’ll be re-signing with the UFC and they gave me what I want. I know a lot of other companies that are asking about me and I can’t count how many phone calls I’ve said “I can’t talk to you guys anymore,” because it’s against my contract. I’ve got guys literally who have called me and they’ve said, “Is this Tito?” And I’ve said, “Yes.” And they’ll say, “This is so and so.” And I’ll have to stop them right there and tell them, “Oh, let me stop you there. I can’t talk to you no more.”

I was really hoping for some drawn out negotiations so us bloggers would have stuff to write about.

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