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Should Cro Cop call it a career? is on the ball once again tracking down a quote Joe Rogan made on 106.7 FM KROQ (is that LA?) about Mirko Cro Cop actually considering quitting during his UFC 75 loss to Cheick Kongo:

“If you watch the last UFC, this is something nobody knows, the Mirko Cro Cop fight that was on Spike last week – he got kneed in the balls, he went down and said to “Big” John McCarthy, “I’m too old for this shit.” and Big John said “No man you’re fine, you’re fine.” and he goes, “No I should just quit right now.” He said this while he was down and Big John goes, “If you want to quit just let me know and he said no, no I don’t.” So he had 5 minutes to recover and said he was too old for this.”

Too old for this shit? Man, Cro Cop has three more fights left on his current UFC deal. Why pay him the big bucks if his heart isn’t in it anymore? Does he want to contend for a title or is he only a money fighter at this point?

To all you people who think I disrespected Cro Cop with my article on last week, what do you think of him now? Don’t you think Cro Cop might be disrespecting the sport?

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