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Randy Couture sighting

Hey, I thought I’d copy Perez Hilton and report on a celebrity sighting.

When I was in LA yesterday and getting ready to board my plane, Randy Couture was departing the same plane. He had a pretty cumbersome cast on his left arm and it appeared he was traveling alone.

He was also flying Southwest airlines, which I thought was cool because with the money he’s making now he could easily charter a private jet or fly first class on another airline. It was strange because no one recognized him.

Even more strange was the fact that they were taping that “Airline” reality television show that airs on A&E (I think it’s A&E) and they had all these camera people and sound people hanging around. Everyone was wondering who they were there for and finally some plastic-looking fake blond with fake breasts who acted like she was a 10 but was really a 6.5 gets off the plane and the crew starts following her. They had no idea who the real star on that flight was.

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