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Rumor Killer: Ricardo Arona going to the UFC not imminent

While Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has already said as much, can confirm that there is very little validity to the rumors that Ricardo Arona is close to finalizing a deal with the UFC. contacted a source close to Arona via e-mail and that source has indicated that he will be in Europe for the next 40 days, making a deal almost impossible to complete. Furthermore, Arona has made no mention to the source about the possibility of signing with the UFC.

This isn’t to say that Arona won’t sign with the company in the future, only that previous reports that a deal was near completion simply are not accurate.

And according to other sources, several organizations, including the UFC and EliteXC, have been contacted about the services of the former Pride light heavyweight in recent months. Neither promotion was willing to meet his asking price.

According to many analysts, Arona is a top ten light heavyweight and would be a major acquisition to any talent roster. As such, when he finishes his obligations in Europe it would not be surprising to see him sign a deal with a major fight organization.

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  • Ivan Trembow says:

    The Observer also reported previously that the UFC has very little or no interest in Arona (irrespective of his asking price) because they don’t like his fighting style.

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  • jt says:

    A Brazilian less skilled than RUA???? In the UFC???? THis is a scary and exciting thought!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next great Pride Disappointment.

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  • abi says:

    Ricardo arona should sign in the UFC, he’s my favorite fighter, he DOMINATE wandy, he beat henderson, he beat ninja and after ufc acquire pride, many pride fighter that is valuable is gone now.

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  • Rictor says:

    UFC sucks. If Arona thinks the best option for him would be K1 Hero’s. Too bad that Chonan choose to fight in that non-climate octagon.

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  • Robson Pessoa says:

    I like very ufc.will like ricardo arona in ufc

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