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Forrest Griffin vs Wanderlei Silva – not likely in this year

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Forrest Griffin confirmed that although he’s all for taking on the Axe Murderer Wanderlei Silva, that matchup will probably not happen this year.

In his win over Shogun Rua, Griffin suffered a deep gash in his forehead that needs an appropriate time to heal.

Griffin, who specifically asked for the fight with Rua, suffered a large cut on his forehead during the fight, however, and required stitches to close the wound. Because of the injury, a fight between Griffin and Silva on Dec. 29 may not happen either.

“It kind of would, yeah,” said Griffin about a December date with Silva being too soon. “I’d love to fight him if I didn’t have a giant hole in my face right now.

Because of the cut, Griffin will take some time and see if it is even realistic for the fight to happen in December. “We’ll see medically,” Griffin stated about the December card. “[It’ll] take a couple of weeks to figure it out.”

Forrest Griffin does not back down from any challenge, so we are glad he’s not rushing into a fight with Wandy. Let’s hope this bout takes place in early ’08, then one of these two can challenge Rampage for the belt.

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