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TUF 6: Episode 2 Recap

Show opens with Serra screaming his head off as Joe Scarola taps from a triangle choke from last week’s fight. They show both locker rooms. Obviously Team Serra is dejected while Team Hughes is elated. So elated that Hughes is breaking out his best Borat impression.

The movie Borat is officially not funny anymore when Matt Hughes is doing the whole “high five” gig after Mac’s victory. Borat has officially jumped the shark. If you’re still using the “high five” schtick, Matt Hughes has officially made it uncool and now is the day to stop.

After Hughes and his fighters are done yukking it up after Mac Danzig’s win, they go through a pretty intense training session. Danzig participates in this training session literally 5-10 minutes after his fight. What a badass.

Back at the house, Joe Scarola is wanting to go home. It’s his first loss, he doesn’t want to be there, and at this point, I kind of feel bad for him. He knows he didn’t get caught in that triangle choke, he found a way out, just like Serra said. Serra stops by, gives Scarola a good ol’ New York style “get ya head outta yer ass” speech and Joe’s on board. At this point I give him credit for toughing it out. That will change later.

Dorian Price of Team Hughes is telling all his teammates that Team Serra is going to pick him for the next fight. He’s not just telling people, though. He’s adamant about it. His teammates tell him to stop worrying about it and that it’s all his head.

Dorian’s response: “I’m out of my fuckin’ mind, man.” At this point, I’m actually hoping Dorian gets picked. He seems ready to fight.

Fight selection rolls around and Serra picks Matt “No Regard” Arroyo to take on…who else? Dorian Price. Maybe Dorian knows his stuff, he predicted they’d pick him. Dorian is primarily a muay thai fighter while Arroyo is more of a jiu jitsu specialist. As Goldberg would say, this is the “classic grappler vs. striker matchup.”

Matt Hughes begins his training session with his fighters. On a normal day, I guess they’d be warming up, drilling some takedowns, maybe working some pads, sparring, working on jiu jitsu, etc. On this day, however, Matt Hughes brings a stack of bibles to the gym and has his fighters read The Book of Ester. Hughes asks them to read The Book of Ester and then tell him what character Hughes represents in the book.

One of Hughes’ fighters says in one of the one-on-one interviews: “You’re God, right?”

No, sir. He only thinks that.

All of the fighters except for Mac read the passage. Instead, he sleeps. That’s my kind of guy right there. Hughes says he’s not making anyone read it, but that if they want to they can. We quickly see that this is not the case, as Hughes pesters Danzig to read the passage. Apparently Mac was heard at the house saying: “I didn’t come here for bible study.” Amen to that, man. I’m beginning to like Mac more and more.

Personally, I think Hughes is completely out of line with this bible study gesture. It’s one thing to have strong Christian beliefs and be proud of it. It’s a complete other thing to ask your fighters to participate in bible study before practice. Serra seems to think the same way I do and he expresses his desire to fight Hughes. I believe his exact words were “God, I hate that cocksucker. I can’t wait to fight him.”

While this whole bible study is going down, Dan Barrera drops some more words of wisdom on us. As a strong Christian, he jumps right into the bible study idea, and one of the other fighters asked him how the Greeks brought Xerxes down.

Barrera’s response: “Don’t you remember that movie 300, man? They beat him off.”

They did what? Did I miss something in that movie?

I have a feeling Dan’s going to drop some serious knowledge on us every week. And when I say knowledge, I mean completely idiotic statements.

Back at the house, Scarola stays behind to be with Arroyo, who didn’t want to be alone before the fight. Scarola starts bitching about going home and about his girlfriend. It’s the only thing that comes out of his mouth now. My feelings toward the guy are starting to go south. Earlier in the episode, Serra tells him he’s becoming the next Noah Inhoefer.

News flash! By this point in the episode, it’s evident that he’s not just becoming the next Noah Inhoefer. He is Noah Inhoefer. The over/under on how many more episodes this guy lasts is two. I’ll take the under. Serra talks a big game at the gym about how he’s gonna kick this little bitch off the team because he wants to use the phone to call his girlfriend. When Serra gets to the house, though, he doesn’t have the heart to kick his boy off the show. No matter, he’ll be gone next week anyways.

I honestly thought the Joe Scarola situation was going to bring us this season’s first “Do you want to be a fucking fighter?” speech from Dana White only two episodes into the season. That would have been a record. Oh well, we’ll get that speech next week when Inhoefer, I mean, Scarola leaves the house.

The fight itself was pretty lackluster. I’m rooting for Dorian because he’s from Cincinnati, but that’s really the only reason. He and Matt keep it standing for the first 30 seconds or so. Dorian throws a couple kicks and lands a big knee on Arroyo as they clinch up. Arroyo survives the knee, pushes Price against the cage, and secures a single leg takedown. From there, he unloads a huge right hand that misses but allows him to pass to side mount. From side mount, Arroyo is easily able to obtain mount, beat Dorian up with punches and elbows, make him give up his back, and then submit him with a rear naked choke.

Dorian looked good on the feet for the opening moments, but once it was on the ground it was all Arroyo. He looked very, very solid in taking out Dorian Price in this fight.

Arroyo moves on to the quarterfinals and Team Serra evens it up with Team Hughes, 1-1.

Next week, Hughes drops a bombshell: he’s going to retire after two or three more fights. I don’t know why they’re hyping it up. Hughes’ days as a dominant welterweight are most likely over and with him opening the new gym in Illinois, it should come as no surprise that he’s hanging up the gloves. The more important thing about next week is that there’s another fight, another fighter gone, and a 1-up lead for one of the teams.

Overall, a decent show. The fight wasn’t all that great, but if you’re big on drama, this episode had plenty of it. I truly hope we see Scarola either straighten up, leave, or get kicked off next week. I’m sick of hearing these whiny bitches in the fighter house. You got the opportunity of a lifetime, kid. Don’t bitch out.

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