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Strikeforce @ The Playboy Mansion: Melendez, Thomson, and Riggs win; Babalu Sobral announces new contract with Strikeforce

Probably the biggest news coming out of tonight’s Strikeforce event at the Playboy Mansion is the news that UFC outcast, Renato “Babalu” Sobral, has just signed a contract with Strikeforce. He announced it during the main event of tonight’s card.

As for the fights themselves, they were pretty mediocre. Gilbert Melendez pretty much dominated Tetsuji Kato from the get go, peppering him with his superior boxing game. At one point, he knocked Kato flat on his ass and it appeared that the fight might be stopped. Kato recovered, however, and was able to weather the storm.

Melendez appeared to have hurt his right hand early in the second round and threw it very sparingly throughout the rest of the fight. It didn’t seem to matter much to Melendez, as he continued to win the fight with just his jab and a couple of takedowns. Melendez won a unanimous decision and said he’d love to fight Josh Thomson, who fought earlier in the night.

Melendez v. Thomson is something I think we’d all love to see. Those guys are both top-notch lightweights.

Regarding Josh Thomson, he won rather easily. The story coming out of the night regarding Josh Thomson was Frank Shamrock’s comments about Thomson as he was coming into the cage. Shamrock said something along the lines of “Josh is the first openly gay MMA fighter.” Shamrock shows, once again, that he’s a classless kinda guy. Something tells me he’s still salty over the whole “Frank Glamrock Is My Bitch!” tee shirt that Thomson wore into the cage one night.

Later on, Cung Le would go on to say: “Um. Josh Thomson has a girlfriend. I’ve met her.”

Two former UFC fighters, Joe Riggs and Eugene Jackson fought on the card, with Riggs coming out on top. The fight was really never in question as Riggs dominated the entire fight, eventually pounding Jackson out about halfway into the second round. Riggs belongs back in the UFC. Everyone says he’s a beast in the gym, but he needs to put it together when fight time comes. Even though the competition tonight was nowhere near top caliber, Riggs took care of business.

In other action on the card, WWE Tough Enough winner, Daniel Puder won a three round decision. His fight was a snoozer for sure. The entire first round he tried to pull off a standing guillotine. I’m not kidding. 5 full minutes of straining to pull off a standing guillotine. He was trying so hard that his legs were shaking. Incredible waste of energy. I personally have no interest in seeing Puder fight again.

Overall, this show was a D+. Production was weak, you couldn’t even tell they were at the Playboy Mansion. Light the place up a little, give us a little atmosphere. Terrible commentating from Shamrock. Sometimes the camera angles would just be zoomed in on one of the padded poles in the cage and would completely miss action inside the cage. The fights overall were pretty lackluster, but it was good to see Riggs, Thomson, and especially Melendez get back into the cage.

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