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Tito Ortiz v. Wanderlei Silva?

According to Fightlinker, Tito Ortiz made an appearance at Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA this past weekend and got on the microphone to tell everyone that his next fight is against either Rashad Evans or Wanderlei Silva.

A fight against Wanderlei Silva doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now, so I’m assuming it’s Tito doing what he does best: talking shit.

At this point, you can’t take anything that comes out of Tito’s mouth all that seriously. My guess is this will remain a rumor and nothing more. The UFC has unsettled business to finish between Ortiz and Evans and I just don’t see them putting Ortiz into a matchup with someone like Wanderlei Silva until he gets past Evans.

On the contrary, however, a matchup between Ortiz and Silva would be a interesting rematch from a previous fight in the UFC where Ortiz came out on top. Like I said, if Ortiz gets past Evans, look for someone like Wanderlei to be his next opponent.

  • To me, Tito vs Wanderlei is possibly the only match up that could save UFC 78 from being a complete chunky peanut and corn riddled turd. It would do HUGE business.

    Lets face it: no one wants to see Tito/Rashad 2. It’s about as high up there on my list of things to see as “baby gets run over by truck” and that “Hairspray” movie.

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  • BearTap says:

    I would have to agree with Fightlinker. The only reason, Tito vs. Rashad is going to happen is because of the fence grab. I thought it was a boring fight the first time, it’s going to be much of the same the second time. Rashad almost seems to have regressed since that fight. I personally want to see Tito vs. Wandie, if not for caliber of fight, for nostalgia. Tito took Wandie for the belt, let’s see how their career paths have diverged from there.

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