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TUF 6: Episode 3 Thoughts/Recap

As always we open with last week’s fight. If you didn’t know, Matt Arroyo tapped out Dorian Price by rear naked choke in round one. They all give congrats to Matt in the locker room, yada, yada, yada. They should rename this season TUF 6: Same Crap, Different Fighters. This isn’t the first time I’ve said this and it certainly won’t be the last. TUF needs a major overhaul in the worst possible way. This format was stale three seasons ago. It hasn’t changed since the original season, with the exception of the subtraction of the “challenges” a la Survivor.  Long story short, this show needs a freakin’ makeover.

Anyways, the biggest drama of this season so far has been that of Joe Scarola. Throughout this episode, Scarola acted like a complete bitch. He’s bitching to the fighters about wanting to leave, he’s bitching to Matt Serra about wanting to leave, and everyone is sick of it. Let’s face it, right here and right now. This kid’s not Noah Inhoefer anymore. He’s in a league of his own. Because he’s acting like a little bitch, Serra makes him do some hard sparring. Good for him.

Fight selection time comes, and Serra is thinking that Hughes will either pick George Sotiropoulos or Richie Hightower for the next fight. Serra thinks George is less likely to get picked because he believes Hughes sees him as their top dog. Serra’s wrong on both accounts when Hughes chooses Billy Miles to face off against John Kolosci. It seems that Serra couldn’t be happier with this fight than if he chose it himself.

They sort of do a little glimpse of each fighter and what they’re like. Billy’s a family guy with a kid and a wife. He says the stress of being in the house and being away from his family is getting to him. One of Hughes’ coaches talks to him and reassures him about the whole experience.

This is one point where it got really interesting. Hughes addresses the team before practice is over, telling them to make everything of their experience. He also drops the “bombshell” that he’s probably got two or three more fights left in him and then he’s walking away. Whoopty-doo. This shouldn’t be shocking news to anyone, really. Hughes doesn’t have the complete game to compete at the top welterweight level anymore. The sport has passed him by and he’s not getting any younger.

The most interesting thing about this whole exchange is that Hughes say he didn’t train properly for his last three or four fights. Do I smell an excuse for the loss against Georges St. Pierre? Matt Hughes making an excuse? Say it ain’t so.

That’s right. Hughes conveniently made sure that we knew that his loss to GSP was due to his “inferior training.” Right. Sure it was, bud. Keep telling yourself that until you get another shin in your face at the hands of GSP.

Next up, Serra’s team practices and we get a look at John Kolosci. He’s one of Serra’s team members who is absolutely loving the opportunity to be there and train with a world champion. John sort of reminds me of Joe Lauzon from last season. Lauzon had the day job, computer programmer, IT guy and fighting was his side job. John does the same thing, overseeing some Microsoft thingamajig at some multi-million dollar healthcare corporation or some crap. Either way, the guy is all smiles and is loving every minute of the experience. You could say he’s the anti-Scarola. That means I already like the guy.

On top of that, he says he enjoys being punched and knowing he’s in a fight. Serra reiterates that Hughes doesn’t know what he got Billy into. I’m thinking the same thing. Kolosci seems a little crazy.

Back at the house, Dana “allows” the fighters to watch UFC 72 with their coaches. What a gift. The worst UFC pay per view of all time. Thanks, Dana. Hughes brings some wings and shrimp for his guys to eat. Oh, and he brings Mac Danzig some french fries since he’s a vegan. Serra brings…himself and Pete Sell. We got a party goin’ now!

Hughes and Serra basically don’t pay attention to each other and comment during the one-on-one interviews about how they can’t stand each other. Blah, blah, drama, drama. I just want to see these two scrap and get it over with.

Joe “Crybaby” Scarola can’t even handle watching UFC 72 because he can’t even think about fighting. At this point, I really wish Serra would tell him to get the hell out of the house, but he gives Scarola every opportunity to stay. Serra doesn’t even watch UFC with the guys, he spends his whole time outside on the porch talking to Scarola, who keeps telling Serra to get him out of there.

At one point, Serra even threatens Joe with his job back in New York. He told Joe that if he didn’t wise up and stay, he’d never be welcome to teach in any of Serra’s schools and Scarola says he doesn’t care.

Serra is real fed up with this by this time, and he brings in the big guns: Dana White.

Could it be? Our first “Do you want to be a fucking fighter” speech?

Nope. Some easy talking from Dana to Scarola, telling him that if he leaves, there’s no coming back. He tells Scarola not the mess up the opportunity of a lifetime. I agree. Scarola’s got the best opportunity ever. Most of these guys end up fighting on Fight Nights or the Finale, so why not stick around? Give it another go. Dana tells him to sleep on it.

What does Scarola do? He gets up and leaves the house. Bye, Joe. Nice knowing you. What did I tell you guys last week the over/under was on Scarola? Two shows? I took the under. Haha, bitches! Peace out, Joe!

Somewhere in between all this drama, the fighters get hammered and mess up the house. Standard TUF protocol.

Alright, it’s fight time. I’m ready for someone to get punched in the face or choked out at this point in the evening, so let the fists fly, gentlemen! Billy Miles, the self proclaimed “best wrestler in the house” gets completely dominated. It isn’t even a fight, really. John Kolosci takes him down with ease, but Billy gets back up. John gets a mean double leg and slams Miles back on the mat, working some small shots to the body and head and a decent elbow. Miles gets a reversal, works Kolosci against the cage and leaves his head exposed on Kolosci’s side. John sinks in the guillotine, stands up, and Billy taps. Simple as that.

Dana, Hughes, and his coaches all think Billy choked. Dana even goes “I think he choked. No pun intended. Hahahaha!” Oh, Dana.  John Kolosci moves to the quarterfinals, Serra’s team goes on top 2-1 and picks the next fight. Things are looking good in Serra’s camp.

Next week’s preview shows Dorian Price absolutely losing his mind. Looks like he’s trying to attack the camera crew, maybe? Take it easy, Dorian, you’re reppin’ the 513, we get it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say “I’m fuckin’ crazy, man” more than I’ve heard Dorian Price say it already. Also next week, Hughes is a dick and he’s pissed that his team is getting worked right now.

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