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John Kolosci: “I came down with a bronchial infection.”

If you watched last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter, you know that Team Serra fighter, John Kolosci, woke up sick on the morning of his fight and said he was having trouble taking deep breaths. Turns out he had a bronchial infection. From his TUF 6 diary at the Chicago Sun-Times:

The bad news is that I came down with a bronchial infection. I didn’t know that’s what it was until after the fight and I went to the doctor. I was a bit worried about my cardio, as I could not take deep breaths. I was hoping the adrenaline rush that comes with fighting would quell the symptoms for the duration of the fight. It did…

This makes his victory over Billy Miles even more impressive. He thought it was just a chest cold or a flu the morning of the fight, but a bronchial infection? That’s damn serious. John’s proving himself to be one of the real warriors of the season so far.

  • garth says:

    Wonder if he gets over it before his next fight? any idea what the time elapsed between bouts for these guys is?

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  • Carson says:

    What a gamer. Miles could learn a lot from him. Even with Kolosci’s infection, I doubt he would have tapped so soon.

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  • Kris says:

    Garth – I depends on when in the first round they fight versus when they fight in the quarterfinals but I think it’s only a matter of a couple weeks. I think the infection could affect his cardio preparation for his next fight though he does have the benefit of it being only a two round fight (unless it’s a tie). Who thought an infection might be one of the more interesting storylines on this season.

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  • dizzle says:

    Psh! John Kolosci looked like garbage (actually they both looked like garbage) in the ring against Miles. John Kolosci will def. not get passed the quarter finals. Only reason he defeated Miles was because Miles had “ZERO” energy due to cutting wait in such a short period of time. I’m not sure if anyone here has ever had to cut weight…but I have to tell u that once u cut all of that water based weight out of ur body…ur body is deprived of energy. Miles is a way better fighter than John Kolosci could ever be. It was just one of these MMA fights where stupid shit happens. This is why my coach always says “why cut weight before a match? Have the weight cut a month before the match so ur body is able to get use to it.”

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