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EliteXC and Palace Fighting Championships vying for Kimbo v. Tank

According to Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network, two other promotions, EliteXC and Palace Fighting Championships, are looking to sign Kimbo Slice v. Tank Abbot for their next big event:

While the Palace Fighting Championship took the time yesterday to post a press release proclaiming its interest in hosting the recently canceled Kimbo Slice-“Tank” Abbott heavyweight bout on its upcoming Oct. 18 card at the Tachi Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, Calif., there might be other suitors as well, says Dave Meltzer. Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer reports there are two other promotions vying for the jilted heavyweights’ affections, one yet to be identified and other Pro Elite’s EliteXC promotion, which has been slow to the draw on an event planned for Nov. 10 or 17 with a venue still to be determined. Fueled by its “old school” vs. “new age” brawler theme, the bout has become a guilty pleasure for the sport’s community, thus the frenzy for a less than .500 former UFC star in Abbott (9-13) and an Internet legend who hasn’t even had his first professional bout yet (Slice’s bout with former pro boxer Ray Mercer in June was an exhibition bout).

Sam and I were talking the other day about how big of a draw this fight is. UFC wants nothing to do with Kimbo Slice and they don’t need him. This fight, and Kimbo in particular, might even be drawing more interest than UFC 77, if you’d believe that. When Kimbo’s first fight went down, Luke Thomas’ Any Given Saturday radio show, which is a UFC preview and wrap-up show, was bogged down with calls regarding the Kimbo Slice fight on that very same night.

I would love to see Kimbo sign with EliteXC. I think he’d be a perfect fit there and would draw a lot of interest to what many believe is the second best promotion in the business right now. A Kimbo v. Tank pay-per-view or Showtime special could be a great thing for the promotion.

  • Johnny P. says:

    The Any Given Sunday call in was a complete goof. It was a message board organized complete goof on Luke because he comes off bad to some people, or at least at the time did. Regardless, I’ve got a 20 dollar bill if you wanna take bets on the buyrate of the UFC 77 show and the Kimo fight. I’d bet it’s about 25,000 buys to 350,000 in favor of UFC.

    I got no problem with you Adam, I like sprawl and Brawl, but this is another case of Internet smart fan buzz. I’ve seen this for a decade in pro wrestling. I’m sure alot of hardcore MMA fans on message boards are talking about the Kimbo fight. They might be the only ones buying, and most will just get bootlegs anyway.

    I say all of this as someone who wishes for Elite XC to become true compitition, but it’s a reality of this particular “freak show” fight.

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  • Mr. Takedown says:

    It’s hard to believe but Kimbo DOES have a huge following, although it may be mostly internet based. Which isn’t a stretch considering that is how he is originally known (who doesn’t have a soft spot in their heart for his work with the MILF-Hunter)

    Case in point, when I was running, my traffic jumped up to over 10,000 page views the day after the Kimbo/Mercer fight (up from about 1,500 views/day at the time). Several other MMA blogs that posted about Kimbo Slice saw tremendous spikes in traffic.

    This was due to the fact that yes, he has a freakshow appeal, but also that NO ONE else was covering it. So as much as people love to hate on the hardcore websites starting buzz, we mainly post about what people want to know about.

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  • Adam Morgan says:

    I won’t disagree with you in regards to the buyrates, but the buzz around the event among the hardcore fans is much bigger than UFC 77.

    I will disagree with your take on this as a “freak show” fight. Kimbo’s days as a “freak show” have come and gone. He’s taking training seriously, training with some of the best in the game, and trying to compete in the sport on a serious level. Tank is a step up in competition from Ray Mercer, wouldn’t you agree? So will the next guy after Tank and the next guy after that.

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  • dizzle says:

    Of course UFC doesn’t want anything to do with Kimbo Slice. He’s exactly what Dana White and UFC are against. A guy on the street beating up people and broadcasting it on the internet. This is why people who don’t understand MMA think that we are all a bunch of low life animals just looking to beat up on people.

    But I do have to say that was Kimbo 2 years ago. He’s taking the steps that are required to make it into this industry and he’s now doing it the legitmate way.

    I’d love to see Kimbo sign with EliteXC or Bodog Fight.

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  • LR says:

    Fact of the matter is, there are a number of fighters out there that have trained with Kimbo Slice and said that the guy hits like a truck. I think I remember Trigg saying he’s one of the hardest punchers he’s ever trained with. That kind of power, add in some grappling abilities, and keep training that with Rutten, Kimbo just needs a lot of cardio, he could be a force as long as his ground game actually keeps improving.

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  • Sam Caplan says:

    I agree that Kimbo deserves a chance. I was against his involvement in MMA but he clearly respects the sport and has been very impressionable thus far in his work with Bas Rutten and Shawn Tompkins.

    To me, I see it as a street fighter who is trying to go legit, not a street fighter who is trying to glamorize unsanctioned violence. If he’s serious about becoming legitimate, then I don’t see why he doesn’t deserve a chance.

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  • dizzle says:

    Of course his traininers are going to say that he’s got the heaviest hands and hardests punches they’ve ever felt…They want to make money off this guy. Fact is that if u’ve watched all of his fights on the internet…he doesn’t knock people out. The people he’s fought give up but are left concious. He needs to be tested a few more matches and then throw him into the lions with some top heavy weights…..

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  • ted dibiase says:

    his internet fights are pathetic. his cardio is worse than his facial hair

    if he loses to tank, its over. back to bum fighting he goes.

    whats up with that 800lb guy on Team Kimbo?

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  • jjdnb says:

    I dont like this fight just cuz Tank has been out of his prime for many many years. He’ll gas out after throwing 3 punches and that will be the end of the fight. I hate to see Tank go out like that cuz he’s still one of my favorites.

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  • Luke says:

    “The Any Given Sunday call in was a complete goof. It was a message board organized complete goof on Luke because he comes off bad to some people, or at least at the time did.”

    That is the lamest “goof” in history.

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  • mmafan says:

    Has this fight even happened yet? I agree Kimbo has alot to do before he’s taking seriously in mma. I don’t forsee him being a submission specialist,not this late in the game. He just needs to learn take down defense,major cardio worl. For as built as he is,I did’nt see any knockout power against any of the clowns he fought. Maybe in time he could learn that skill better.
    He needs to learn from KIMO,not always good to bum rush ur opponant,he will gas himself out..
    I do’nt forsee him being in UFC or Pride,but who knows if he cleans himself up,takes it seriously and distance himself from his ‘posse’. UFC/Pride etc are a business and if u can prove ur worth you have a chance no matter what DANA said in the past..
    *think kimbo/abbot is going to be a sloppy fight. Tank is way past prime,and kimbo will gas himself as well,lol…I’d say I go with Tank,but he’s not the brightest man, he will brawl to prove a point,and he will get rocked..He needs to use his wrestling abilities,and experience to his advantage..Kimbo needs to pace himself,and be patient..

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