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Chris Horodecki on his February fight with Bart Palaszewski

Site writer Ben Fowlkes has a new piece up at about the upcoming IFL Grand Prix matchup between Chris Horodecki and Bart Palaszewski. These two fought to a split decision back in February and Palaszewski was none too happy about the outcome, mostly in part due to a moment where Horodecki seemed to have purposely gone through the ropes while Palazweski had him in a deep guillotine.

Here’s what Horodecki has to say about all that:

“He can say what he wants,” Horodecki said in response to Palaszewski’s complaints. “I didn’t purposely fall through the ropes. The fact is I won that fight. It’s over and it’s done with and I won.”

I would agree with Horodecki that it’s time to move on and focus on the fight ahead. I don’t agree that he didn’t intentionally go through the ropes. He was in deep, deep trouble against the rope, sat on them, and laid back. It’s pretty clearly evident if you go back and watch the fight again. Does Horodecki lose if he doesn’t go through the ropes? Not necessarily. Does it change the momentum of the fight? Absolutely.

I understand Horodecki can’t just come out and blatantly say he fell through the ropes on purpose, but he could at least do us a favor and not treat us like we were born yesterday.

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