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Kurt Otto confirms talks with Kurt Angle

In a new piece over at MMA Weekly, Kurt Otto confirms that Olympic gold medalist and pro-wrestling star, Kurt Angle, could be headed to the IFL very soon:

IFL commissioner Kurt Otto likes the idea of Angle coming into the league. He confirmed to MMAWeekly that contract negotiations are under way.

“I’m psyched. He’s pretty open about it, which is good. We’re in talks. We’re excited about the opportunity.”

While Angle has flirted with a number of organizations, Otto feels confident as to why he may land in the IFL.

“Kurt Angle really wants to come on board. He wants to learn MMA and he wants to come to the IFL specifically because of the team format because he’s used to that.”

“God willing, the IFL and myself can make a deal,” Angle told Alex Marvez of recently. “The best fit for me right now as a pro wrestler who [works] about 120 times a year is the IFL.”

I’m a bit confused by the last statement. Does this mean he will continue his pro wrestling career along with his newfound MMA career? I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like the smartest thing in the world. It’s well documented the neck and head injuries that Angle has suffered in the past. I think that’s one of the big reasons the UFC had no interest in him. But continuing to wrestle and put your body through that and then also compete in mixed martial arts? That’s a very tall task.

Automatically, however, Angle would bring serious star power to the IFL if he ends up there. He’d also be the most decorated amateur wrestler ever to step into the mixed martial arts arena, which is another big thing for the IFL, who has put a focus on bringing wrestlers into their organization and making them MMA fighters. I hope the IFL gets the deal done, because I think it’s the right fit for Angle if he’s going to venture into MMA.

If he’s serious about the sport, though, he might want to think about cutting his pro-wrestling schedule down, if not out all together.

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