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Frank Shamrock released from the IFL, says he’s fighting Renzo Gracie in April

MMA Weekly is reporting that Frank Shamrock has been released from the IFL and his team, the Razorclaws, have been dropped from the roster. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but Frank had this to say:

“They said they were going a different direction with their business,” stated the current Strikeforce and former Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight titleholder. “They’re good people and they’re a good company. They’ve got a hard road ahead of them. I’m still willing to help in any way because they treated me real good.”

The most interesting part about this whole thing, however, is not that he has been released, but that he’s going to be fighting Renzo Gracie in April:

“I’m going to fight Renzo (Gracie) in April,” although he did not state where or for what organization, “(and) my wife is having a baby in May, and then I’ll probably fight again in (or around) September.”

Another fight with Renzo, eh? If he can keep himself from kneeing Renzo in the back of the head this time, I’d say he wins this fight. Personally I’d like to see Frank against some of the better middleweights, especially after his domination of Baroni. He looked really, really crisp in that fight, even with a torn ACL. I wonder if this fight will take place in Strikforce or elsewhere. This is one of those rumors to keep an eye on to see if it really develops into something.

  • ted dibiase says:

    ahhh, the IFL dropped the first openly gay mma coach?

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  • Johnny P. says:

    Not surprising, as he’s making the rounds as far as media. I’m heard him on every MMA audio show in the last two weeks. My guess is he’ll be fighting on Showtime regardless of the promotion, and I believe Strikeforce and Elite XC/Showtime have one more cross-promotional PPV to do as part of their settlement.

    Your the Elite XC guy, Sam. Why are you breaking Ben Rothwell/IFL news and not on this story?! Kidding aside, I don’t think Renzo Gracie and really the Gracie name carries as much casual fan weight as it did, but I do think Shamrock still has some money in him if Shotime can get him mainstream press. If his reality show makes any waves (I think it got picked up by a low level cable station), it would be time to put the money on the table for a Ken Shamrock brother vs brother match in fall ’08. What say you Mr. Caplan?

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  • dizzle says:

    Frank is just hanging in there. I did enjoy his fights with renzo and baroni. He has so much talent.

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