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Kimbo Slice to be profiled on ESPN’s E:60

The new sports news show from ESPN, E:60, will be taking a closer look into some of sports’ larger stories, much like 60 Minutes or Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. The surprising thing? Kimbo Slice will be profiled by Rachel Nichols in one of the segments, according to the October 8th edition of USA Today:

In one piece, Schaap takes viewers inside the world of underage “Baby Bullfighters” (including some hair-raising footage of a teen matador nearly gored to death). Nichols profiles Miami underground street fighter Kimbo Slice in another.

The hour-long show will enable ESPN to land the newsmakers who are choosing to tell their stories to other networks, said Smith, pointing to Adam “Pacman” Jones’ interview with Gumbel on Real Sports and the Tiger Woods and Vince Young interviews on 60 Minutes.

“It’s annoying to see people go and sit down and talk to 60 Minutes, and sit down and talk to HBO. And for them to give interviews that we have to put on and say ‘such-and-such told 60 Minutes, such-and-such told Real Sports,” Smith said. “That’s not cool for us when we devote 24 hours to sports.”

Slice’s bare-knuckle fight videos are a hit on the Internet, noted Nichols. He’s a good example of something E:60 wants to do: introduce viewers to personalities who’ll be making headlines six months or a year down the road.

This show sounds pretty solid and I think a lot of people will be intrigued to see a real, in-depth segment about Kimbo Slice. No one knows a whole lot about the guy, so it will be refreshing to see him tell his story in a respected forum such as this type of a news show.

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