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Q&A with new EliteXC fighter Kimbo Slice

It isn’t everyday you get a phone call from Kimbo Slice’s manager in response to an interview request in which he informs you that Kimbo is with him and “can do an interview now.”

A longshot interview request comes through and suddenly I had Kimbo on the line. With no questions prepared I knew that this chance might not be around in a few hours and that I had to seize it.

Below is a transcript of an impromptu interview I conducted with Kimbo earlier this afternoon, just hours after announced that Slice had come to terms with EliteXC on a long-term contract.

Sam Caplan: It was announced earlier that you’ve signed a long-term contract with EliteXC, can you talk about other promotions that were bidding for your services?

Kimbo Slice: My manager can give you more information on that. I don’t get involved with that part of the business.

Sam Caplan: When your manager presented you with EliteXC’s offer, what attracted you to the deal?

Kimbo Slice: The whole presentation and how he came to me with it. He came and made it seem like it was pretty good. I met those guys and Jeremy (Lappen) and (B.J.) Penn’s brother Jaydee and those guys were pretty cool guys and everything was fine and everything worked out good.

Sam Caplan: Can you confirm that you’ll be debuting for EliteXC on Nov. 10 on Showtime?

Kimbo Slice: November Tenth! November Tenth, man! Showtime, that’s right!

Sam Caplan: You’ll be in Texas for that fight. Have they presented an opponent to you?

Kimbo Slice: It’s between… I think… I guess they are going to work on either Tank (Abbott) or some guy, Thompson? Jason Thompson? James Thompson?

Sam Caplan: Oh, James Thompson. Okay. Do you have a preference?

Kimbo Slice: Nah. It’s whatever. I’ll fight anybody, man.

Sam Caplan: Can you talk about the length of the contract? Do you know how many fights it’s four?

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