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Couture interviewed on SportsCenter (video)

Former UFC heavyweight champion (damn, it’s upsetting just to type that) Randy Couture was interviewed on SportsCenter on Friday by host Brian Kenny. Couture addresses why he walked away from the UFC and reiterates a lot of the things he’s already said in writing.

It’s interesting that when asked if he might return to the UFC at some point in the future that he doesn’t rule it out. Also, we really don’t get a straight answer about whether he might try and fight Fedor in another promotion.

Remember when Dana criticized the blogs a month or so ago claiming that they build the fighters up only to tear them down when he went on to praise the fact that mainstream media is covering the sport more? At the time I said White was crazy for thinking that mainstream media would be any different. Well, I wonder if this is the kind of press he was looking for?

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