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MFC M-1 Mix-Fight Championship… what the hell is that?


Yet another MMA fight organization made its way to the headlines recently thanks to Fedor Emelianenko reportedly signing a contract with MFC M-1 Mix-Fight Championship.

But what exactly is MFC M-1?? Do they fight in a ring or a cage?? Besides Fedor, who else fights in that promotion??

Glad you asked. I can tell you that M-1 used to be owned by Fedor’s manager and also most of the Red Devil Fight Team fights for this promotion. They do fight in a ring, ala BodogFIGHT or PRIDE.

You can even watch a recent event in its entirety on the M-1 website.

Here’s a photo of Fedor and Oleg Taktarov (I think that’s Oleg) doing some announcing…


I don’t speak Russian and I am too lazy to use Babelfish so if my info is incorrect, feel free to comment and I’ll make the appropriate changes.

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