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TUF 6: Episode 5 Thoughts/Recap

You all didn’t think I was done writing TUF recaps, did you? Due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to watch the show last week, therefore, no recap. I’m sure some of you wish I was done writing them, but here I am with a new week’s worth of TUF 6 knowledge to drop on the masses. Let’s get to it.

As usual the show starts with the recap of last week’s fight. Blake Bowman got his ass handed to him by Richie Hightower and tore his ACL in the process. Team Hughes is down 3-1 and Hughes is not happy. Neither is Mac Danzig. Come to find out, Mac’s not really happy with anything that’s going on in the house, especially not Blake Bowman.

Let me make a quick point here before I go into the details. I cannot stress this enough: the drama of this show is so overbearing it’s ridiculous. It’s become almost unwatchable. To be honest, the only reason I watch every week is to do this writeup and make fun of this terrible television. Most people I know or talk to record it and fast forward through most of it. It’s that bad and this year’s group of fighters might be the worst they’ve ever had. Anyways, enough of my bickering.

Back at the house, the fighters are all allowed to watch the TUF 5 Finale. Blake and Mac have made it clear that they don’t like one another and it just so happens that Mac’s boy, Andy “I Don’t Follow Instructions or a Gameplan” Wang, was taking on Blake’s boy, Cole Miller. Miller won the fight due to a head kick knockout and Mac complains of an early stoppage.

Mac: “Andy was defending himself, dude.”

Yeah, right, Mac. The dude may have great BJJ but he refuses to institute a gameplan during the fight to use it. Therefore he got KO’d. End of story.

This carries over to the next day, when Blake is saying Wang can’t take a punch. This infuriates Mac, because Andy is “like a brother to him.” Mac tells Blake he’s a hick and more or less not a real fighter.

I sort of see where Mac is coming from when he tells the cameras how he drove from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles with $200 to his name in order to have a chance at MMA. You can tell he has a real passion for the sport. He talks about how he’s given up his life for the past seven years to have a chance at fighting professionally, while Blake, who seems to have rudimentary skills, happens to land on a reality show and doesn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as he could and should. Mac could have laid off on the hick comments, but I think he has a point here.

Eventually the comments get back to Hughes, who is already not happy, and he has a talk with the team and calls Mac out in public to the team in regards to his comments to Blake. Mac is not a happy camper, to say the least.

So what does Mac do when he’s not a happy guy? Save all the animals and insects. Awwww. Gag.
What the hell? Where did this episode go? Mac saves a drowning bee and tells the people at home not to be afraid of bees because bees can’t come up to you and punch you in the face or shoot you. He does have a point there.

Anyways, Mac says he’s in touch with nature and will save any insect he can and that being in touch with nature allows him to focus on something else other than people. Meanwhile, inside, his roommates, Dorian, Billy, and Dan, are swatting every fly they can find. Oh, the irony. Mac is clearly not amused. In Episode 1, Danzig said “Don’t fuck with my food or my sleep.” I think we can add “Don’t fuck with nature in front of me” to that list.

Did I forget about the fight pick? Oh yeah. Hughes initially was going to have Jared “J-Rock” Rollins fight, but something unexpected happens to Team Hughes member Paul Georgieff. He gets a call from home that his teenage cousin has passed away. He says he’s going to weigh his options whether to go home or stay. Dana White makes that decision for him. Dana tells him he can go home to the funeral and be allowed to come back if he fights before he leaves.

Paul says it’s the perfect situation. I don’t believe him. If you’re dealing with a death in your family, your mind can’t be right.

So, after Dorian Price threatens cameramen and the production crew last week, Dana let him have a free pass. Now Dana’s basically, I wouldn’t say “punishing” but in a sense he is, Paul because he has to go home for a family funeral? Lighten up, Dana.

Also, where did this guy Paul come from? Some of these fighters have had zero camera time so far. Ben Saunders shows up later in the episode and I had no idea who he was. I had to look him up on How are we 5 episodes in and I still have no idea who these guys are?

Anyways, Paul has to fight and Hughes picks him to fight Troy “Rude Boy” Mandaloniz, a childhood friend of BJ Penn. This is another guy who has had zero camera time. That’s three fighters in one episode that I don’t know a damn thing about and two of them are fighting. Just great.

Paul is a grappler while Troy is a striker. A matchup that would make Joe Silva smile. Paul is an engineering student who is training while in grad school. Troy is living paycheck to paycheck and trying to make a living on the side as a fighter. This is a golden opportunity for him while it sort of seems like a hobby for Paul. Troy definitely seems to be the more hungry of the two before the fight.

The fight itself was probably the best fight we’ve seen this season. Paul throws a leg kick but pays for it and Troy lands a punch. The two clinch up and Paul quickly takes Troy down into his guard, working a couple of submission attempts. Troy is able to fend off Paul’s submission attempts and lands a couple of decent shots from within Paul’s guard. He lands a good elbow from the top and also a hard right hands from the top while he was breaking out of Paul’s guard.

Troy follows his corner’s instructions and stands back up, taking it back into his realm. Paul decides to try and trade blows with Troy. Not a smart decision as Troy lands a huge right hand that catches him right on the button, knocking him out cold. Paul hits the mat like a sack o’ potatoes and Herb Dean steps in.

Mandaloniz by first round KO. Team Serra goes up 4-1. Hughes is really pissed because Paul didn’t follow the gameplan to take Rude Boy to the ground. He decided to stand and trade and paid dearly for it. Now he gets to go home to a funeral for his teenage cousin. What a great day for him. You can thank Dana White for his “generosity” on that one.

Next Week:  

Looks like another tough workout for Team Hughes because of Paul’s loss. Jared is seen commenting that Dan Barrera gets worked by Matt Hughes in practice. Is that a shot of him crying? Hm. Anyways, Team Hughes needs a win the next three weeks just to even the score. If he doesn’t win, Serra will get to choose the quarterfinal matchups.

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