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Randy Couture’s manager responds to claims about Randy making millions

In a new report from Adam Swift at Sherdog, Randy Couture’s manager, Matt Walker, refutes claims from the Yahoo Sports report earlier in the week that Randy was making 3.25-3.75 million per fight:

“When I first read the story on Yahoo! I actually laughed because they are so far from fact,” said Walker.

“If he were getting $3.25-$3.75 million a fight then Randy’s compensation would not be an issue,” said the agent, who was lambasted by White as a Hollywood parasite after Couture announced his resignation on Oct. 11. “However, I can tell you those salary numbers for Randy are severely inflated and I would love to know where they got the information.”

This war of words is starting to heat up and is highly entertaining in my opinion. Walker declined to comment on Couture’s contract, but said everything will make sense once the “dust settles.”

Now, which internet site can Dana pin this one on? Where are those “inflated numbers” coming from now? Oh, why they’re coming from the internet mouthpiece of the UFC right now, Yahoo! Sports. Who’s to blame now?

This is the last I hope we ever have to hear about these “crazy internet sites” from Dana anymore. When your own internet media mouthpiece has just been bitchslapped by Randy’s manager for reporting inflated numbers, you can no longer use the internet sites as a scapegoat.

You’ve got your culprit, now leave us alone.

  • Dan Cruickshank says:

    And it was Kevin Iole originally reporting these figures from Dana White. If anyone else is keeping score.

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  • Adam Morgan says:

    I felt it unprofessional to specifically call out Iole, so I just went with Yahoo.

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  • BS detector says:

    Iole was not quoting Dana White. Hopefully Dan isn’t actually looking for work as a scorekeeper.

    Everyone sees this as a black and white, good vs. evil story. What if Iole’s figures are correct and Walker is simply running to friendly sources who won’t probe to deep in order to cover his ass for screwing this situation up royally?

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  • Iole may not have been quoting Dana White, but it’s pretty clear that he had some type of influence or input on the situation. Iole seems to run parallel with what Dana White says.

    Iole’s figures could be correct… wrong. If those figures were correct, he’d be the highest paid MMA fighter in all of MMA or damn close to it. There would be no reason for him to leave.

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  • jjdnb says:

    Thank you! It seems that no one ever stands up to Dana White and i’m glad you did just that here. All the crap that Dana talks about these beloved sites really annoys me because as a fan this is were i get most of my information on fighter, fights, problems etc and it pisses me off that Dana is talking all that trash.
    Seems like this guy can do and say what he wants and get away with it without anyone responding.
    Keep up the good work guys. Love this site

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  • Daddy says:

    BS detector, where did you get those figures are correct?

    first of all Randy Couture doesnt have to lie of what he is getting paid,
    this thing comes from Dana White, and is obvious that people thing that way, he is pure trash talking, and lately he has promessed a lot of things and none of them is been true and it hasnt happen,
    dont get me wrong he is one of the persons we should thank for what UFC and MMA is today, but the problem now is that he talked too much and we dont know what gonna happen now.

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