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Middleweight contender matchup benched?

Not having Jason MacDonald and Yushin Okami on the main card of UFC 77 is madness.

Sure, it probably won’t be the most exciting match of all time, and will probably end up as a slow ground n’ pound victory for Okami but this fight is most likely for the next middleweight title shot. You would think that a matchup of this importance would be shown on the main card. This seems pretty disrespectful to not only the fighters, but to the middleweight division as a whole.

Does the UFC really want another Nate Marquardt incident? I know Marquardt is a very accomplished mixed martial artist but he was given a title shot after a fight with Dean Lister on the undercard of an Ultimate Fight Night. If he had beaten Silva, the mainstream audience would of been like, “Who?”

Okami and MacDonald aren’t exactly the most marketable fighters at the best of times, and so if the UFC don’t put them on the main draw of a card that isn’t exactly filled with important match ups, it is downright crazy.

I mean come on… does anyone really want to see Kalib Starnes and Alan Belcher?

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