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A flicker of hope?

At yesterday’s press conference which announced the arrival of M-1 Global, and their marquee signing, Fedor Emelianenko, new CEO, Monte Cox made some interesting comments regarding a still possible fight between Randy Couture and Fedor in the UFC Octagon.

If the UFC gets Randy back and they call and want Fedor to fight, we’ll send him to the UFC.

I know you’re probably thinking this won’t happen and you’re probably right. However, let us just hypothesise for a second and see what it would take for this statement to come to fruition.

Step 1

Step 1 is obviously for the UFC to get Randy back. If we are to believe Dana White (remember, we are hypothesising) when he says he has never said “no” to Randy then he would probably be open to a renegotiation of Randy’s contract. 

This appears to be a pretty reasonable way of thinking, seeing as Dana White inferred he’d be open to such an idea on the EPSN interview previously posted on here by Sam Caplan.

Step 2

Here’s where things get a bit tricky. Step 2 is to take up Monte Cox’s offer and bring in Fedor for possibly the biggest fight in MMA history.

The problem with bringing in Fedor into face Randy is that it would be in all likelihood a one fight deal and if Fedor beats Randy, Dana White and the UFC are left with a Champ and a division that is now second rate as they don’t have a true claim to having the best fighter.

That very reason is probably why Dana White wanted Wanderlei Silva for three fights when he attempted to loan him from Pride to face Chuck Liddell last year.

However, the fact Dana White was even keen on the idea of an outsider derailing the previous UFC posterboy in Liddell in the first place is cause for a slight glimmer of hope and also White’s confident prediction that “The Natural” would destroy Emelianenko is also another thing leaning in favour of this being a possibility.

Step 3

If miraculously these series of events take place, then the third and final step would be setting up the fight. There is no doubt that marketed properly this fight could be the biggest MMA fight of all time, and the fact it was held in the UFC would be a great feather in the cap of Dana White and ZUFFA.

On a side note: How would M-1 market a Fedor/Couture fight when they have no access to any of their fight footage as it is all currently owned by Zuffa?

To set up this fight, the UFC should use it’s video library to it’s full potential to show the amazing versatility of Fedor at any and every oppurtunity (and that includes the eyepopping exaggeration from Joe Rogan).

I don’t think you could make this a title fight because of the previously stated reason of it would probably only be a one fight deal. But a 3 round fight would rob the fans of the “championship rounds” which would quite probably decide this fight.

So it should be marketed as a Superfight where the UFC presents the ageless Couture in his last fight against M-1 Global’s Emelianenko in the greatest mixed martial arts fight of all time.

The Pay Per View revenue as well as the endorsements would be enough to satisfy both M-1 and the UFC financially as well as giving MMA simultaneous exposure in the US, Russia and the rest of Europe.

This is all purely hypothetical and I know you’ve probably read this and thought this is complete madness.

I’m not as naive as to think that M-1 and the UFC would seamlessly work together, especially as M-1 has just really announced itself to the MMA consciousness. I’m also aware Dana White is very stubborn and probably will refuse to do business with Fedor or his management again. I’m also very aware Dana White wouldn’t want to risk any damage done to his company’s name by an outside fighter beating his Heavyweight champion.

But its still… just a flicker of hope

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